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Experimental study of dynamic instability of the characteristics of three-phase soil
Tratsevskaya H.Yu. 1

1. Gomel State University named after F. Skorina


Laws of change of some of the main indicators of the deformation properties of the samples quasi thixotropic moraine soil, manifested in man-caused vibrodynamic loads are installed. It is shown experimentally that the acceleration occurring in the soil greatly change at the beginning of experiment. These accelerations are different from the accelerations calculated for perfectly elastic media. It was found that the overall deformation module quasi thixotropic moraine soil under dynamic loading conditions less than the same module under static loading. The resulting numerical value of the modulus of elastic deformation under dynamic loading operation is comparable with the value of the module recovering elastic deformation of the static nature of the load.

Keywords: dynamic properties, quasi thixotropic soil, vibrodynamic loads, deformation modules

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